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About HMY

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HMY tech. as a subsidiary of Hope, focuses on developing, manufacturing and technique transferring of chemical drug products and provides generic consistency evaluation services. With several years of CRO experience, HMY is capable to accomplish preclinical research and registration efficiently with the highest quality to satisfying various demands of customers.
HMY  has developed and registered over 60 projects, covering kinds of drug formsoral routine preparation sustained release preparations-澳门葡京pj66887com oral solution small volume injection-澳门葡京真人厅sterile powder for injection spray -70082.com新葡京娱乐网址suppository liniment  ophthalmic preparation cream gel et
The integral procedure of analysis is under the guidelines of  CFDA & ICH.HMY is very experienced in analyzing chiral isomers, qualitative and quantitative study of genotoxic impurities, source & mechanism analysis of impurities and compatibility test of drug and package.